Antidepressant Trial

DIRECTOR & Camera Operator 

This was apart as a collection of films for a pioneering new antidepressant treatment. Filmed for Johnson & Johnson in Poland, Sweden, Prague and the UK.


How to get to great ideas

Camera Operator 

This was the first in a series of videos for the author Dave Birss to promote his new book on creativity.


Organ Donation Games 2018

DP - Sound - Editor 

HAVAS was in partnership with the NHS to promote the 2018 organ donation campaign that took place at Media City.



Camera Operator 

For a year I was the Cameraman & Editor for the creative agency HAVAS, this shows many of the different internal only videos I worked on.



Camera Operator

I am a freelance cameraman and editor for the BBC on a number of short documentaries. This is an example of one that aired on BBC2. 



DP - Editor - Colourist

I couldn't let me close friends charity tournament could go another year without the slomo treatment.



dp - editor - colourist

This shoot was created out of spontaneous curiosity, a small skate park under the overpass I was driving past at the end of a shooting day. 


LP FILM 2016

DIRECTOR - DP - Editor - Colourist

A collection of all the images I had captured mashed up to one of my all time favourite tunes.